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R&D ability

     Baling is not only engaged in promoting the quality of product and technology, but also concentrating on evaluating the ability of employees. Baling has an experienced R&D team who can react to new problems quickly. So far, Baling has developed a complete parameter database for radiator design.



High-speed tube mill machine & Calorimeter test facility



      Baling test center is a first-class opening-up testing service center which was given laboratory accreditation certificate from CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) in 2010. Since its establishment in 2004, it has provided paid testing services for many companies and played an important role in the development of radiator industry.

      Baling is the first radiator manufacturer in China that applies Cuprobraze technology to massive production of heat exchangers; meanwhile, it is also the sixth one following UAR and Radac America, Shaaz. Russia, Berry France and Najico Japan that maters this technology.


Continuous brazing furnace



     Cuprobraze technology is invented by ICA (International Copper Association, Ltd.). This technology adopts environment friendly brazing alloy as filler metal composed of 75% copper, 5% nickel, 15% tin and 5% phosphorus; among which tin and phosphorus acting as flux will evaporate after brazing at about 700℃. The left component will form into nickel-copper alloy around the brazed joint.
     Compared with traditional braze technology, Cuprobraze technology shows much better performance, for example, intensity for brazing is 3 times stronger than traditional technology, heat rejection increasing by 13%, and 5-10 times higher for anti-corrosion; meanwhile, Cuprobraze technology can also work reliably at 300℃.
     With Cuprobraze technology, heat exchanger is of stronger intensity, higher anti-corrosion ability, longer life and more environmental-friendliness, as well as can be reused and work efficiently at rough environment for a long time.